Sunday, September 5, 2010

A Saturday Gone

Today was game day!!! The first one of the season and since I am a big Alabama fan, it was a great one!!! With The Tide winning 48-3 the game was just plain FUN!

I woke up with a BS of 194, which is better than the day before which is in the right direction! With that number I took 4cc of N and checked an hour later and it was 269 after 2 cups of coffee fixed the usual way. So my deduction from yesterday was correct! And I still drank it again!! Tomorrow, NO COFFEE FOR ME! I took 12cc and and still didn't eat anything. I just don't want to eat the first part of the day. I know that it best in the morning to break your fast but I just didn't. Later my sugar was 104!!! Yay!! Finally!! Then I ate.................and took 10cc to cover what I ate, right? When I checked an hour later I was at 202. It's a roller coaster ride....I did warn you. Now before bed it is at 181 so I took 4 more cc's of N.
So now before bed as look back on the day, I wasn't really too productive but I did enjoy myself and that's what really counts, right?
Remember to Enjoy Every Second of Every Hour of Every Day!

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